Para Tandemteam

Paragliding, Kite flying

A tandem flight with a paraglider is a truly unforgettable adventure set in the mountains of South Tyrol. As soon as after a short run the wind lifts the glider into the air, an overwhelming feeling of weightlessness sets in. Like a bird with widely spread wings you will be flying over green pastures, small mountain villages and deep forests. The world is at your feet, and only the placid sound of the wind breaks the magnificent silence during the flight. During a paraglider tandem flight you may enjoy fantastic views of craggy mountain peaks and deep valleys. Above them, the colourful paraglider arches in front of a blue sky, and sporadically white clouds pass by. You will enjoy a unique sensation when looking at the South Tyrolean mountains from an aerial perspective and feel the awesome emotion of endless freedom.

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